1st shopping trip

So, you suspected your child has a food allergy, you had him tested, and were told your child has food allergies. Great. Now what? Well hopefully your experience was better than my introduction, which went something like this:

Clutching my list, a photocopied photocopy of the FAAN printable forbidden ingredient list  http://www.foodallergy.org/files/media/food-allergy-action-plan/FAAP.pdf given to me by my allergist: I went to the grocery store, and stood in the health food section, completely overwhelmed and reading every label of whatever foods I thought my son would eat, or checking the labels of all the things we usually bought only to find one, two or more, of his allergy-foods on the label. At this point I am pretty sure I was crying.  (Is this sounding familiar to you?)   A few of the employees did come to help, and even better,  an Angel, in the form of another mom of 2 girls with multiple-allergies! With her help, we found some foods, got introduced to some good brands, some meal ideas,  got a website name to check out, and gained the confidence that this is hard, but doable!!

Whole Foods grocery chain does a very nice job with some of the more specialty items, and they have a very nice selection of the basics you may be looking for. Yes, they are pricey. ALL the specialty allergy safe foods seem to be.  But don’t be afraid to check your usual grocery store for many of the food options~ Whole Foods employees also seem to be very well trained, and are great about helping, or finding someone who can help you!

Here in Maine, I usually shop at Hannafords Grocery stores,  now be aware that different stores DO carry different selections~ I can find a few of the things I need for my older son at the closest store [Gray], but need to drive 15 miles to another one [Falmouth, or Windham] to get what I need for my younger son.  Shaws has a nice section, but again, I find them to be pricier than Hannafords~

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