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Pumpkin Seeds~ GERBS

I have a new addiction!~ It’s a snack I can safely share with my allergic boys!~Allergen-Free Pumpkin Seeds!~ Seriously, I am craving these as I write this!~ Recently I was contacted by a company I had never heard of, called GERBS~  who make allergen-free pumpkin seed snacks!~ They kindly sent us some samples which both […]

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GI Scope Results

Both my boys went in last Tuesday for GI scopes. We wanted to test and make sure Caleb did not have Eosinophilic Esophagitis [EoE]; and to gauge where Jacob’s EoE was in terms of flaring up. The boys did great on scope day,  both getting  anesthesia.   Biopsy samples were taken as well and the […]

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My Hard Truth

“Dealing with Jacob’s cancer was less stressful, and easier, than dealing with his food allergies.” Yup. I said that.   Yes, It is a strong statement. But this is how I honestly feel. I am NOT saying that cancer is stress free or easy, or even preferential. Trust me, it isn’t! What Cancer and Food Allergies […]

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Health Update for Jacob

First off,  I want to thank all of you for your prayers, support, and understanding about my lack of posts over the past 6+ months.  As many of you know, Jacob was diagnosed last summer with bilateral Wilms tumors~ cancer.  He underwent 6 months of chemotherapy and surgery. He had his last chemotherapy treatment in […]

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1st of 504 Meetings

I meant to get Caleb’s 504 plan done last fall after school started; but with his younger brother getting his cancer diagnosis Caleb’s 504 plan hit the back burner! I had our first meeting with the school staff this morning, the guidance counselor, the assistant principal, the school nurse, and his current teacher.  I have to […]

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