2014 Food Allergy Bloggers Conference Ticket Giveaway

Have you looked at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference yet?   What’s that? You aren’t a “Blogger”? Well, you DO NOT need to be a blogger to attend this! Take a look at the agenda and you will see so many appealing panel topics that address living and managing food allergies!  Last year we had supportive mothers-in-law, grandparents, friends, and more participate.  Watch this video for more footage of last year’s event and see how you can enter to win a ticket to this year’s event below!

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I am the founder, manager, organizer of the event, with my partner, Homa Woodrum (She blogs at Oh Mah Deehness). We built the conference around the type of event we really wished existed, and that we wanted to attend! We wanted one with all the friends, food allergy bloggers, authors and companies we read, used, and relied on. We wanted to be able to introduce people to new companies, new products, new resources that they could turn around and share with their own readers, friends and support groups! We want to support the small companies who offer allergen free products, because each one adds another food option to those of us who manage restricted diets! We plan our conference agendas based on survey results, an open call for speakers, and conference with our advisory panel, with an eye and ear to conversations and controversy that we as a community see and deal with, or want better information on!

I am so excited to meet Dr. Li, Dr. Stukus, and Robyn O’Brien, as well as on-line friends, Louise Goldberg, Jules Shepard, Debbie Adler, and Clare Eluka; and EVERYONE ELSE TOO! It is such an amazing feeling being at the event surround by your people! The sense of kinship and mutual support is inspiring!  Being a co-owner of the event, does have its perks- for me- and for YOU!

I want to give you a chance to come to the conference too! So I am holding a ticket give-away!!! From 6/27/14 – 7/5/14 you can enter to win a free ticket to #FABlogCon this September! Good Luck!!!

Kelly Rudnicki, Dr. Lama Rimawi (Tasterie) Dr. John Lee (Allergy Home), Cybele Pascal, Dr. Mike Pistiner (Allergy Home).

From FABlogCon 2013 – Kelly Rudnicki (Food Allergy Mama), Dr. Lama Rimawi (Tasterie) Dr. John Lee (Allergy Home), Cybele Pascal, Dr. Mike Pistiner (Allergy Home)


Cheryl Viirand, Alisa Fleming, Keeley McGuire, Tiffany Ferreira, Jenny Sprague, Justin Cunningham

Cheryl Viirand (Freedible), Alisa Fleming (Go Dairy Free), Keeley McGuire (Keeley McGuire Blog), Tiffany Ferreira (Food Allergy Fun), Jenny Sprague (Multiple Food Allergy Help), Justin Cunningham (Yodish)


ENTER to win ONE ticket to attend and participate in the 2nd annual Food Allergy Bloggers Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada! ($250 value)  All meals are included at the event and are food allergy friendly.  There is an opening night event on September 26th, plus two days of informative sessions on the 27th and 28th.  For more conference information please take a look at the conference registration page!  If you win and cannot attend, you may sell your ticket or transfer your ticket to someone else.  We can’t help you get yourself to Las Vegas or provide the hotel but we chose Las Vegas for, among other things, cheap airfare options and affordable hotel rooms (especially if you room with another attendee and use our group code) so even if you don’t win we promise it is worth your while to join us.

Click here to be taken to the entry page for this Rafflecopter giveaway

 Did you enter? Good Luck!!!

Pleased to announce Kathleen Janssens was the winner of the ticket. She has responded that she is excited to attend this year since she could not last year!! For those of you still wanting to come- Tickets are STILL available!! We REALLY would LOVE to see you in September!

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  1. Gratefulfoodie July 2, 2014 at 3:11 pm #

    Kudos on this great contest that will give an opportunity for someone to attend the Conference who otherwise might not be able to afford it!

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