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This weekend is the 2014 annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) #AAAAI Meeting (aka the ‘Quad AI-‘)  using hashtag #AAAAI hosts approximately  5000 attendees, and last years conference had 30 Allergists who actively tweeted the sessions they attended. Various Allergists speak at this annual conference and share their research among their peers. I have tried to mine a few of the important nuggets being shared today on Twitter. You may do a hashtag #AAAAI Search on Twitter and read through and follow along with the tweets being posted. I have compiled a handful of the tweets I found most interesting or important from today’s sessions below:


James Tarbox, MD @Mjj289 · 2h ago
#AAAAI 98% have a reaction occur during oral immunotherapy;10% at home, 4% needed epi

Priya Bansal, MD @Allergygal1 · 2h ago
5-20% of patients on oral immunotherapy have been going on to develop ‪#‎eosinophilic‬ esophagitis. #AAAAI

James Tarbox, MD @Mjj289 · 1h ago
#AAAAI Cow milk oral immunotherapy unsafe in 25% of patients. 2.5 ml of undiluted milk is life threatening in studies.

Priya Bansal, MD @Allergygal1 · 2h ago
A dose as small as 2.5 ml of milk can cause a life threatening rxn. #AAAAI

James Tarbox, MD @Mjj289 · 2h ago
#AAAAI 98% have a reaction occur during oral immunotherapy;10% at home, 4% needed epi

Rachna Shah, M.D. @asapillinois · 2h ago
98% of pts with food allergy who undergo food desensitization may have a bad reaction. #aaaai

Priya Bansal, MD @Allergygal1 · 2h ago
5-20% of patients on oral immunotherapy have been going on to develop #eosinophilic esophagitis. #AAAAI

Dr. Dave Stukus @AllergyKidsDoc Feb 28
Only 35% who were successfully desensitized passed an oral challenge after 3 mos of stopping daily peanut#foodallergy #AAAAI

David Fischer, MD ‏@IgECPD  38m
Beigelman JACI 2013 post hoc study of 4 day course of oral CS with LRTI’s in kids <5 yo showed it didn’t reduce symptom scores #AAAAI

David Fischer, MD ‏@IgECPD  14m
Vickery: LEAP study for allergy prevention showed a substantial proportion of infants enrolled were ALREADY sensitized to peanut #AAAAI

David Fischer, MD ‏@IgECPD  20m
Vickery: “There is no evidence at this time that food oral immunotherapy itself is curative” #AAAAI

David Fischer, MD ‏@IgECPD  22m
Vickery: In OIT there can be “sustained unresponsive” following reintroduction: pts are OK with peanut but it only lasts for 1 month #AAAAI

James Tarbox, MD ‏@Mjj289  23m
#AAAAI 28% of kids & 15% adults have a positive serum IgE to milk, egg, peanut and/or shrimp. 2-6% clinically significant.



andrew murphy, md @PAallergy · 1h ago
benadrly, steorids are second and now possible third line treatment #AAAAI

David Fischer, MD @IgECPD 54m
Simons: In teens, only 16.7% of 245 young patients used Epi during anaphylaxis #AAAAI Reasons: “not necessary” or “not sure if needed”

Dr Stan Fineman @DrStanFineman · 1h ago
Dr Simmons reiterated importance of epinephrine as 1st line tx for anaphylaxis at WAO Forum

David Fischer, MD @IgECPD · 1h ago
Simons: Beneficial beta-adrenergic effects that Epi provides that may prevent mediator release must be done within 7-15 mins of rxn #AAAAI

David Fischer, MD @IgECPD · 2h ago
Simons notes that 2nd line treatments like antihistamines may soon be listed in #EACCI guidelines as “3rd Line” treatments #AAAAI

David Fischer, MD @IgECPD · 2h ago
Simons: People need to have the mental preparation in place to know what to do when an anaphylactic reaction occurs #AAAAI

andrew murphy, md @PAallergy · 2h ago
911; epi IM; position supine #AAAAI



Sakina Bajowala, M.D ‏@allergistmommy  21h
Cat allergen remains well over the morbidity threshold even if the cat is no longer in the home. Same does not hold true for dogs. #AAAAI


Ray Firszt ‏@RayFirszt  1m
5% of esophageal dilations lead to tears and hospitalization #AAAAI

Ray Firszt ‏@RayFirszt  13m    we don’t know the eosinophil number that will cause future strictures. #AAAAI

Ray Firszt ‏@RayFirszt  5m
On elecare – eosinophil # can decrease significantly in 1 week #AAAAI



Priya Bansal, MD ‏@Allergygal1  2m
Medsnap app for identifying pills with a picture! #AAAAI

Priya Bansal, MD ‏@Allergygal1  4m
Spirosmart- spirometry using smart phone microphone. #AAAAI

Priya Bansal, MD ‏@Allergygal1  5m
Wrist device for bp, EKG, o2 sat #AAAAI

Sakina Bajowala, M.D ‏@allergistmommy  6m
You can do a “sleep study” from home with a pulse oximeter that plugs into your smartphone. Other sensors warn of impending seizure. #AAAAI

Melinda Rathkopf, MD ‏@mrathkopf  12m
@EricTopol – what Dr Smartphone can do for you. #AAAAI pic.twitter.com/8p1dDp3HuM


Sakina Bajowala, M.D ‏@allergistmommy  1m
Theranos: lab on a chip with a single drop of blood. Next up? Lab results in vivo with sensors in the blood. It’s coming! #AAAAI

Priya Bansal, MD ‏@Allergygal1  3m
Nanotainer- fraction of blood with many results and reduced cost. #AAAAI

David Shulan, MD ‏@DavidShulanMD  6m
#AAAAI remote monitoring will transform health care.

Sakina Bajowala, M.D ‏@allergistmommy  6m
Sensors smaller than a grain of sand can be embedded in the bloodstream, and predict medical event weeks in advance. #AAAAI

Matthew Bowdish MD ‏@MatthewBowdish  9m
Topol: The future of care could be through sensors embedded in the bloodstream. #AAAAI

Sakina Bajowala, M.D ‏@allergistmommy  4m
Handheld devices can produce high quality cardiac images. Mt Sinai med school trains all med students to use these devices. #AAAAI

Priya Bansal, MD ‏@Allergygal1  2m
X-rays via smart phone. Also otoscope and opthalmoscope. #AAAAI

Sakina Bajowala, M.D ‏@allergistmommy  35s
Whole genome sequencing can assist in the diagnosis of rare diseases. This is truly amazing, and highly cost-effective. #AAAAI

Sakina Bajowala, M.D ‏@allergistmommy  1m
Tumor cell sequencing can assist in identifying thematic pathways in cancer. Can be done via blood sample! #AAAAI

Sakina Bajowala, M.D ‏@allergistmommy  3m
Pathogen sequencing can also be rapidly performed during outbreaks of infectious disease. #AAAAI


Also read : Will your next physical be done by Smartphone? and This Woman Invented a Way to Run 30 Lab Tests on Only One Drop of Blood

Sakina Bajowala, M.D ‏@allergistmommy  12m
Allergy is now an approved subspecialty for Medicaid attestation. #AAAAI

On a side note- Please remember that as with ANYTHING you find on the internet- ALWAYS consult with your own Allergist or medical professionals and follow their advice. However- It is always good to do your own research, share articles you find if they are from factual sources. If you feel your doctors are not listening to your concerns- remember their is nothing wrong with a second opinion as well!

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