Authentic Foods Flour

Authentic Foods ¬†Rice Flour is raved about as the best out there for the simple reason- it makes your baked goods not taste gritty- like so many gluten free things do- If like me, you perhaps have looked at getting it- then had shell shock when you saw the shipping rates- no matter where you were buying it from- were as much as the 3 lb. bag of flour- [that averages $12-15.00 a bag!] or More! [try looking at it on Amazon!] Well, I have some happy news to share!~If you spend $100- at Navan Foods- the shipping is FREE!!! I like that I can find the things there that my Whole Foods and local grocers do not carry- I know I keep recommending Cybele Pascal’s cookbook to you all~and this flour is her top pick for baking as well! SO I hope this helps you! ~ Happy Baking and Good Eating!

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