Auvi-Qs and Firemen!

I took Jacob with me today to go vote in our local elections. The voting in our little town is done at the fire station,  so as you can imagine, Jacob was very excited to go with me!  After we voted, I went into the station to ask if Jacob could see the fire trucks. I also had a few epi-pen trainers to donate for the first aide trainings they do. I began chatting and asked if they had seen the new Auvi-Q epinephrine devices yet. They had NOT! So, I happily pulled out the trainer I had and began letting each person check it out. The first guy used it and was very impressed, and went to get the head paramedic. She came and used the Auvi-Q, and was very impressed, and sent for the other paramedic. This went on until the entire department were all looking at it and we were talking about allergies, and anaphylaxis. The Fire Chief remembered me, and that Caleb had peanut allergies, as I introduced ourselves to them when he was first diagnosed with food allergies six years ago! The Chief was surprised because he had not seen nor heard of the Auvi-Qs yet; not even in his [firestation magazines]. I wanted to make sure they knew about the new devices because chances are very good that they will begin seeing them should they need to respond to any anaphylaxis 911 calls.

The head Paramedic and I chatted for some time, and she asked if I would be willing to come to the station on one of their upcoming training sessions to talk about allergies and demonstrate the Auvi-Qs to the entire department. How could I say no?! 🙂

As a bonus I found out that in Maine, all ambulances do stock and carry epinephrine- both vial inject-able type and Epipens. [Phew!] As there are states where they DON’T! or just AS scary- where they will not administer it!  This is a very scary scenario to me, especially when we are all trained that if we use the epinephrine- we are to call 911!


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3 Responses to Auvi-Qs and Firemen!

  1. gratefulfoodie June 12, 2013 at 8:14 am #

    Good work Solider! Oh, I mean fire fighter in training. Fabulous job on picking up on the opportunity and even better job that you get to explain the to Fire fighters that eating PB and J and then responding to a call may not be the smartest thing to do!

    Go Jenny Go!

    you make us proud.

  2. Kathryn @ Mamacado June 12, 2013 at 1:00 pm #

    Wow, how awesome that they were all so receptive! And cool that you were asked to do a training! Would love to know more about your training content and see pics if you can take them! It would be a great learning experience for those of us who may also want to do trainings in the future. Thanks!


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