Best Back to School Idea!

It’s that time of year again, and I am busy gathering up all the things I need for “Back To School!” Of course there are doctor appointments, vaccinations, notes and signatures on Allergy Action Plans, and school paperwork to sign and turn in, 504 plan meetings to have and prepare for. Thankfully the backpacks are sorted because I found some amazing ones, which we personalised with the children’s names and hobbies, at Imprint. But I need to buy lunchboxes, thermoses, and clothes. I work up lists of allergen free snacks for the classrooms. I start coaching my children about refusing food from friends, washing their hands, telling a teacher if they don’t feel good. But now I will share my most favorite genius idea for back to school! I started this last year- and will continue it for years to come I believe! I buy a sheet of Face-Photos the little sheet of sticker pictures you can get from most photo websites. I use these on all of his paperwork that goes to the teacher, the office, and the nurse. I also attach these right onto his Epi-pens [or Auvi-Qs] His asthma inhalers, and spacer. I also gave some to my son’s teacher for her to use for her Substitute Teacher folder to help everyone identify him.

I HIGHLY recommend that you consider at the start of each school year, purchasing from a photo website [I used Snapfish- for $4.99] a sheet of “face” stickers with your child’s picture. ~You are welcome! XO! ~Jenny


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  1. Sherilyn August 30, 2013 at 5:19 pm #

    What an amazing idea! Thank you for posting this : ) It makes me feel a little bit better with my son going to a 3 year old class for the first time.

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