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School District Allergy Plan

Here is the scan of our school district allergy plan. I am meeting on Monday with the school nurse, so I have the weekend to review it and gather my thoughts to present at the meeting. The nurse has told me that this plan is at least 6 years old, so it does not take […]

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Socially Awkward Moments

End of the school year, and the end of the T-Ball season is upon us here. My son’s T-Ball team won a pizza party for selling the most fund-raising raffle tickets; [mostly due to my husbands efforts]. But Caleb is allergic to Dairy and wont be able to have any. So I need to plan […]

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NEJM Article-Anaphylaxis from Passive Transfer of Peanut Allergen in a Blood Product

The New England Journal of Medicine has published a report of a 6 year old boy who ended up with a full blown anaphylactic reaction to peanuts after receiving blood from a transfusion, from donors who had consumed peanuts the night before donating blood. ¬†Please click on link to read full New England Journal of […]

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New Food Allergy Guidelines

This Interview had some interesting points to it, I copied what I found to be the most interesting below to share with you, but please feel free to check it out ~ ¬† What the New Food Allergy Guidelines Offer to Clinicians Expert Interview at AAAAI 2011 Matthew J. Fenton, PhD; Hugh A. Sampson, MD […]

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