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Health Update for Jacob

First off,  I want to thank all of you for your prayers, support, and understanding about my lack of posts over the past 6+ months.  As many of you know, Jacob was diagnosed last summer with bilateral Wilms tumors~ cancer.  He underwent 6 months of chemotherapy and surgery. He had his last chemotherapy treatment in […]

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1st of 504 Meetings

I meant to get Caleb’s 504 plan done last fall after school started; but with his younger brother getting his cancer diagnosis Caleb’s 504 plan hit the back burner! I had our first meeting with the school staff this morning, the guidance counselor, the assistant principal, the school nurse, and his current teacher.  I have to […]

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Liebster Awards

I had never heard of these, so imagine my surprise this morning to read of them, and to see that I had been nominated by someone whom I respect!! Thank you so very much Colette! Liebster is a German word for “Good Friend” Each recipient is supposed to pass the award on to five of […]

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Dear Parents,

Dear Parents and Caregivers of Allergic Children, Yesterday a sweet 7-year-old first grader died. She had an allergic reaction from eating something with peanut. For some reason the school did not give her Benadryl, and even more strangely “At the beginning of this school year, the mother said she tried to give the clinical aid […]

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New Food Allergy Clinical Advisory to Pediatricians

  Our 2nd [new] allergist believes in doing food challenges, almost as a gold standard for diagnosing food allergies; but my concern is that unless a child is old enough to verbally communicate symptoms, how would itchy throat/mouth, numbness, nausea, diarrhea or many other un-noticeable symptoms be calculated? It also left me wondering about when […]

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Lazy Pumpkin Soup

Ok, I confess, I am lazy today. It’s a gray, cool, autumn day,  and the wood stove is cranking.  A perfect soup day! This soup is wonderful, Allergen-Free, QUICK and EASY!! 1 Can Pumpkin Using Can as measure Add in: 1 can[measure] unsweetened applesauce [I buy the large jars-for using in recipes !] 1 can[measure] […]

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I am NOT Strong!

My youngest son just turned 2 on September 3rd. On September 7th we got the phone call that confirmed he has cancer, a tumor on each kidney. Prior to him starting chemotherapy I wanted us to try to get a better handle on his food allergies and try to figure out what was going on. […]

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How Our School is Handling Food Allergies

Caleb started Kindergarten this year, which caused some anxiety for me.  I am very blessed that our school staff are very approachable and open to discussing my fears, and working to come up with a workable solution that fits everyone.  We have the normal steps being taken, such as the school nurse has a set […]

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Seeing a New Allergist

Today I took Jacob into see a new allergist.  Mainly to try to find someone who could better explain his test results to me, as his extensive list of foods was becoming impossible to work around, and I needed to know what I should be paying attention to and what could be dismissed. As some […]

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Flying the Un-Friendly Skies

Gina Clowes  of AllergyMoms website,  is an allergy author and advocate. She recently was trying to fly with her two boys who have nut allergies. She spent $2200 on 4 tickets.  Then found out that American Airlines roast nuts in first class on flights.  Yes, with recirculated cabin air, on flights, no exit. I think […]

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