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Sesame Seed Allergy

Sesame seed allergy is called by some the “peanut allergy of the Middle East,” it is becoming more commonly diagnosed globally. In Israel, it is behind egg and dairy in children diagnosed with food allergies. In Australia, it is fourth behind peanut, egg and dairy. One of every 5-6 people in studies have anaphylactic reactions […]

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Rice Allergy

A Rice allergy is considered rare, however I have heard from a few of you who are dealing with this one. Rice is a grain like any other so it is fair game to become an allergy trigger as well. As an allergy, it is commonly seen in Asian countries, and seems to be less prevalent here […]

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Canola Allergy

Jacob was just diagnosed as having in addition to others, an allergy to Canola and Rapeseed.  I almost think this is as,  if not more, frustrating than the allergies to soy and wheat! Canola is used in just about EVERYTHING!!~ Canola is in almost all potato products, cooking sprays, margarines, baked goods, and a lot of things we have […]

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Strawberry Allergy

Spring is coming and with it, one of my favorite foods-Strawberries! I was rather disappointed to learn that Jacob is also allergic to these! Strawberries are used as a flavoring for many products children tend to enjoy  such as:  fruit juices, gummies, candy, gum, lollipops, fruit roll-ups,  popsicles, and in bubble baths. Some other products include: […]

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Mustard Allergy

A mustard allergy is less common in the United States, than in Europe, but not unheard of here. There have been cases recorded of severe anaphylactic reactions to mustard. There are many recorded cases of mustard allergies seen in France, Spain, and Sweden.   There is a strong association between a mustard allergy and a mugwort pollen sensitivity. […]

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Nutmeg Allergy

Caleb was diagnosed in the spring with his peanut, tree-nut and dairy allergies when he was one.  Then by December I was in full Christmas cookie baking mode, I had the ‘Caleb-safe’ butters, and soy milk, and was baking up a storm.  Then I noticed that after giving him some gingerbread cookies, he had a […]

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Oat, Rye, Barley,~Grain Allergies

Most allergy sufferers wont end up with allergies to all these grains as well as wheat, but Jacob did. Unfortunately for me it seems that when I get him adjusted to a new diet and find foods he will eat, months later he has a new allergy to them! I Hope that this trend is […]

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Pea Allergy

Yes, a pea allergy. There has probably been more than one kid and even some adults who have wished for this one! 😉 I discovered Jacob was allergic to peas when he was about 6 mos old.   His reactions from eating a jar of babyfood peas- [peas, water-listed as ingredients] made it pretty obvious! […]

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