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Always Darkest Before the Dawn

“If you’re going THROUGH Hell, Keep Going!” ~ Winston Churchhill This week has been Hell. Monday Jacob finally had the further allergy testing that I requested a month ago. He showed allergies to 16 more foods that we tested. He basically has no safe meat/nut/ protein source, no safe grains left, and most common fruits […]

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My BlogHer12 Experience

I went to New York City for BlogHer12; an annual blogging conference for women. This year it was attended by some 5000 women bloggers! It’s not like it’s a homework assignment, but every one of us who went, has a blog, and feels compelled to share our opinion on the event. Prior to going, I read all […]

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New Study Supports Hygiene Hypothesis

ANTIBACTERIALS IN PERSONAL-CARE PRODUCTS LINKED TO ALLERGY RISK IN CHILDREN I received this from a friend who checked with JHU and was told that the researchers didn’t have information on parental practices and the use of antibacterial products before/after allergy diagnosis.  So now we have seen studies that urban area kids have more allergies, and […]

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EoE Food Allergy Patch Test

I took Jacob in this week to the allergist’s to have them do a “food allergy patch test.” This is done to try to diagnose what foods are triggering the Eosinophilic reactions in EoE patients. From “Patch testing examines for non-IgE mediated reactions.  These reactions are often delayed, occurring hours to days after ingestion […]

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Sorting Out New Allergy Test Results

Both Caleb and Jacob had food allergy testing done this week. I am ‘processing’ the results, some good news, some bad. Caleb tested  highest to peanut and then to cat. His results were low to egg, beef, pork, and dairy~ and amazingly, he showed no reactions to tree nuts!~ He is also allergic to dogs […]

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GI Scope Results

Both my boys went in last Tuesday for GI scopes. We wanted to test and make sure Caleb did not have Eosinophilic Esophagitis [EoE]; and to gauge where Jacob’s EoE was in terms of flaring up. The boys did great on scope day,  both getting  anesthesia.   Biopsy samples were taken as well and the […]

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My Hard Truth

“Dealing with Jacob’s cancer was less stressful, and easier, than dealing with his food allergies.” Yup. I said that.   Yes, It is a strong statement. But this is how I honestly feel. I am NOT saying that cancer is stress free or easy, or even preferential. Trust me, it isn’t! What Cancer and Food Allergies […]

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I am NOT Strong!

My youngest son just turned 2 on September 3rd. On September 7th we got the phone call that confirmed he has cancer, a tumor on each kidney. Prior to him starting chemotherapy I wanted us to try to get a better handle on his food allergies and try to figure out what was going on. […]

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Socially Awkward Moments

End of the school year, and the end of the T-Ball season is upon us here. My son’s T-Ball team won a pizza party for selling the most fund-raising raffle tickets; [mostly due to my husbands efforts]. But Caleb is allergic to Dairy and wont be able to have any. So I need to plan […]

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I took Caleb to school for Kindergarten screening today. I confess that I left the meeting not feeling very confident or assured about the ‘allergy-plan’ that is in place there. One of my issues is that the school is peanut free, but not tree nut free; and since Caleb is allergic to tree nuts, dairy […]

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