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Kyle Dine

Last year I emailed our school principal and the parents group about Kyle Dine, who was booking tour dates for schools. Our parents group decided to hire him to come this fall, with the start of the school year, to teach food allergy awareness. I can not even tell you how happy I am that […]

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Best Back to School Idea!

It’s that time of year again, and I am busy gathering up all the things I need for “Back To School!” Of course there are doctor appointments, vaccinations, notes and signatures on Allergy Action Plans, and school paperwork to sign and turn in, 504 plan meetings to have and prepare for. Thankfully the backpacks are […]

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Change is in the Air!

I know these changes will make our schools a better and safer environment for my children, as well as ALL the other current and future students who have food allergies! THAT is the real prize! That was the hope, the dream and the goal! Our work is not finished yet, but simply by speaking out- we have been able to influence others to improve the previous policies.

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Food Allergy Foundation Award

The Food Allergy Foundation is relatively new on the scene, [they are celebrating their birthday this month!] so if you haven’t heard of them, consider this your introduction!~ This is a non-profit organization whose “dedicated to helping families and individuals manage life with food allergies. We are the “new voice” in the food allergy community focusing […]

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Pumpkin Seeds~ GERBS

I have a new addiction!~ It’s a snack I can safely share with my allergic boys!~Allergen-Free Pumpkin Seeds!~ Seriously, I am craving these as I write this!~ Recently I was contacted by a company I had never heard of, called GERBS~  who make allergen-free pumpkin seed snacks!~ They kindly sent us some samples which both […]

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Health Update for Jacob

First off,  I want to thank all of you for your prayers, support, and understanding about my lack of posts over the past 6+ months.  As many of you know, Jacob was diagnosed last summer with bilateral Wilms tumors~ cancer.  He underwent 6 months of chemotherapy and surgery. He had his last chemotherapy treatment in […]

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1st of 504 Meetings

I meant to get Caleb’s 504 plan done last fall after school started; but with his younger brother getting his cancer diagnosis Caleb’s 504 plan hit the back burner! I had our first meeting with the school staff this morning, the guidance counselor, the assistant principal, the school nurse, and his current teacher.  I have to […]

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How Our School is Handling Food Allergies

Caleb started Kindergarten this year, which caused some anxiety for me.  I am very blessed that our school staff are very approachable and open to discussing my fears, and working to come up with a workable solution that fits everyone.  We have the normal steps being taken, such as the school nurse has a set […]

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Easter Treats

Easter is coming, and if you are new to the allergic child scene you are probably figuring out that this is but one of many holidays that centers around candy and children! Halloween, Valentines day and Easter all torture the allergic child with the candy displays and commercials.  Of course there are SOME candies you […]

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Here is a neat product to share- WHO-Tats I could see using these if my child was going on a field-trip, or if we were at an amusement park, etc. These are temporary tattoos- that say things like- “Alert-Nut Allergy” “Alert-Please Do NOT feed me!” “Alert-Gluten Allergy”

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