Peanut Allergy

Peanut allergies are becoming so common that most school now have a “No- nut policy”, or “peanut free” areas.  School kids aren’t even allowed to bring Peanut-butter sandwiches for lunch anymore. If you don’t have a child with a peanut allergy, you probably are pretty annoyed by this.  Here’s the thing, Peanut allergies can trigger severe reactions, they can kill!  I found out Caleb was allergic when he was 12 mos old. I was eating PB on celery sticks, and he tried to grab one. He then touched his face and in moments it was swelling up! I immediately stripped him down and put him in the tub. I am glad he didn’t eat any, as he most likely would have gone into anaphylactic shock.

I made an appointment and had him tested for nut allergies, and was given a prescription for an EPI-Pen Jr.  I want to warn you, you will need to be vigilant about public places and toys~ Peanut oil can remain on surfaces unseen, like shopping cart handles, the ball pit, railings, and tables.  Children,  in general,  are not neat eaters. Peanut butter can remain on your child’s  friends, their  clothes, and their toys.  Airports, Ball parks, the Circus, and Fairs require you to use caution.

Peanuts are in or cross-contaminate almost all baked and prepackaged foods.  No more Bakery cookies, cakes, and most all grocery snacks, pretzels, cookies- gone! Some safe ones we have found [assuming you aren’t dealing with dairy or grain allergies]- OREOs! ROLD GOLD pretzels [NOT Snyders brand!] and GOLDFISH crackers.

Another drawback to Peanut allergies, and this goes for dairy allergies too, ~They really make holidays difficult.  So many are food based, either with candy or family gatherings, creating a huge potential for a reaction. Almost all candies are processed in same plant, or made with peanuts! Some safe alternatives, sweet tarts, gummies, Skittles, Starburst, lollipops [NOT tootsie pops- if a dairy allergy!], gum, SOME jelly beans- READ labels!!-most are processed with peanuts, and JellyBelly jellybeans are not safe.

Be aware, that most ant traps use Peanut butter for more information and alternatives to using them please check out

There are also many medicines that have peanuts or tree nuts in them- see  for a list and more info!

Lavera Sunblock Children and Babies SPF 30, and Loving Naturals SPF 30 Sunscreen both contain nut oil! ~Beware!

NOTE: If you have Dogs, Please be aware that many dog treats, bones etc. are peanut butter flavored. Your dog can eat his milkbone, then lick your child and cause a reaction!

To replace Peanut butter you can try: IM Healthy Soy-nut butters [we like the honey flavored]~This can also be used in baking, or SUN-BUTTER Sunflower seed butter. GERBS company also makes a sunflower seed butter, hempseed butter and a pumpkinseed butter [GERBS is a top 8 allergen-free company!]

Please check out my friend Ruth’s post at Best Allergy Sites, as she has a complete list of products known to contain peanuts! It is shocking how many unexpected products will have peanut/ peanut product in them! Be aware – many medications such as ear wax remover contain peanut oil! Always let your pharmacist know about your allergies and ask them to make sure your meds are allergen-free!

A new study recently published on February 18, 2013 from the Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology, reveals the peanut allergen can remain on a surface, if not cleaned, for at least 110 days. “The peanut allergen is very robust”. Therefore, “regular cleaning should be reinforced before and after eating as a safety measure…”.  [See article HERE]

Here is link to for Peanut and tree-nut safe candy and snacks- especially useful for schools and holidays! Candy List