Soy Allergy

The Soy allergy is one of the three I find hardest to work around. The others being wheat and corn~These three products are in almost every sauce, and prepared food you can get-even canned tuna fish! It is hard to find food in most American homes that does not contain soy!  It also makes “eating out”  virtually impossible.  From the FAAN website~”Soybeans have become a major part of processed food products in the United States. Avoiding products made with soybeans can be difficult. Soybeans alone are not a major food in the diet but, because they’re in so many products, eliminating all those foods can result in an unbalanced diet. Consult with a dietitian to help you plan for proper nutrition.”

Best advice here is to READ LABELS!!! No tofu, or vegetarian dishes, almost all prepared foods, no soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce!  In baking you will need to eliminate cooking sprays and Crisco- A great replacement is SPECTRUM Naturals Organic Shortening, it is palm based and works great. [Hooray! Pie crusts are still on the menu!] You will need to do a lot of the “perimeter shopping” ~buying fresh fruit, veggies, and meats, whole products and making dishes and sauces at home.

One thing I have done is to buy a pump olive oil sprayer, [MISTO brand from BJs] to use for cooking, baking etc. as all the spray oils, such as PAM, are canola~and soy. You can fill them with an oil which you are not allergic to it.


Note to Parents!~Benadryl ® Fastmelts contain soy protein, and many other medications can also include soy. Check with your pharmacist before giving any medication to your soy allergic child.

If you are wondering about milk alternatives, there are alternatives now available. Coconut Milk, Rice Milk, Hemp Milk; and of course if there is no dairy allergy, regular cow milk too.  As far as butter alternatives go, there is nothing I have found. I use Olive oil, or corn oil- you can use whatever your allergies allow there, I also use Sunsweet Lighter Bake in many of my cookies and breads.

  I have not found any type of cheese alternatives either.  Don’t use Rice Cheese- if you read the label-it contains dairy, and soy too I believe. There is Coconut milk ice cream that is wonderful!~Larry and Luna’s, at Whole Foods, or So Delicious Brand, available at most local grocery stores.  You can check Enjoy Life brands, and also go to Navan Foods website, to their special diet page and check off your allergies, and you will get a list of safe products from that which will help you find alternatives, either to buy from them, or to find locally.   As I have stated, almost all pre-made, or prepackaged foods will contain soy. I can not stress enough the need to check labels!

Some Soy foods to avoid include commercial vegetarian products and meat substitutes Heinz® Worcestershire sauce, Lea & Perrins® sauce, fermented soybean pastes (miso and natto), soy sauce, tamari sauce, granola, or breakfast bars made with soy. Imitation bacon bits made with soy, many processed meats such as hotdogs, artificial cheese products, anything with Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed vegetable [oil/protien etc],Vegetable broth, gum, or starch. And of course, no tofu.