In the interest of disclosure, I want to share that I am officially working as an advisory board member for ContentChecked. I met them when they came to the 2nd annual Food Allergy Bloggers Conference in Las Vegas. I like the features of this app and seeing the great potential for it being useful for people shopping with food allergies. We, as people living and managing dietary restrictions, spend so much time reading and checking labels and calling manufacturers. I am forever seeing people posting photos of products online (Facebook) asking if products are safe for their allergic child. I confess I find this maddening- because you should always call the number on a package if you are not sure- not ask Facebook, what is safe for one person’s allergies- may not be safe for yours. This is true when considering multiple allergies, or level of gluten, or soy (soy lecithin) one can tolerate. This is where I see an app like ContentChecked being so valuable.
I see ContentChecked as being not only useful, but needed- because labeling laws are weak in America, and manufacturing practices change regularly, it would be a useful long term shopping aid/tool for checking products while shopping. I also see it as being incredibly helpful for newly diagnosed food allergy families learning to read labels and finding safe foods.

You can learn more about the app here:

What do you think? Would you find this could or would have made shopping easier for you when you were learning to manage your allergies?

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