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Easter is coming, and if you are new to the allergic child scene you are probably figuring out that this is but one of many holidays that centers around candy and children! Halloween, Valentines day and Easter all torture the allergic child with the candy displays and commercials.  Of course there are SOME candies you can probably find that will be safe; this will be harder if corn is your allergy.  I know for us, we wont be coloring Easter eggs at all, after Jacob’s anaphylactic reaction to them I am not even going to try! However there is another option ~ Try checking out EggNots– ceramic dyeable easter eggs so your kids can still enjoy the fun of coloring the eggs! Another option is buying the wooden eggs at the craft store and painting them!

I was overjoyed to find a sweet selection of allergy safe Easter treats available from Divvies and from Amanda’s Own! Chocolate bunnies for all!

Last year I bought an Easter Rabbit candy mold, and melted “Caleb-safe” Chocolate into the mold, and made our own chocolate rabbits.  Now, I have NO experience in making candies or chocolate, so if you do- then I am sure you can be more creative that I was, and if not- then hey, if I can do it~So can you!  Some allergy safe decorated sugar cookies would be another idea to try.

Jelly Belly Jellybeans are NOT safe- however there are some brands that are not manufactured with peanuts/tree nuts; but you will need to read labels! Gimbals Jellybeans are allergen free and great! ~ in my house we have done Starbursts, Sweet tarts, and Dum Dum lollipops, gum, Skittles, Peeps, and Airheads~are the candies we turn to for my older son who is allergic to dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts.  For my younger son who is also allergic to strawberries, soy, and canola, egg,  among many other things, it is a bit trickier.  What I am finding myself doing is getting them stuff that is not candy~for example: toys, stickers, movies, books, Matchbox cars, bubbles, bubble-bath, Zhu-zhu pets, dinosaurs, beach towel, kite, ~you get the idea!~and if you have a girl there is always nail polish, lip gloss, Squinkies, etc.~

If your family tradition is the Easter egg hunt, you can let your child trade in his eggs for a prize, such as the toy he has been coveting! [This plan works well at Halloween too!]  I hope these ideas help you bounce through the Easter holiday! If you have any traditions of your own you would like to share we would love to hear about them!

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  1. Nora M. April 15, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    We also have a son with multiple food allergies. We just recently started suspecting a corn allergy on top of already known allergies to milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy. We are avoiding legumes (unconfirmed reaction to pinto beans) and gluten also. We will be returning to the allergist soon, but for the moment, we are going to have an interesting Easter this year. This will be our 2nd Easter with food allergies, so it is not as overwhelming. I did manage to find some corn free candy online, so I bought some in hopes that it will be safe. I am organizing the fake egg hunt at grandma’s house, so that i know it will be ok for him. Last year, I filled the plastic eggs with grapes, safe cereal, stickers, and money. I put the food items in at the last minute. I was able to put the stickers and money ahead of time. I prepared Easter baskets ahead of time with toys and books and safe candy. I had someone ring the doorbell and leave the baskets on the porch. This was after the egg hunt, so kids didn’t even notice what was happening. We told them that maybe the Easter bunny was at the door. They openned it and found the baskets. They were so excited. It turned out well and they had fun. I was more worried about last year because it was something new and we were barely starting to understand food allergies. I am more relaxed about it this year, even with some new allergies, because I understand our situation better. I have spent many hours learning about all the allergies, reading food labels, reading books, looking at blogs and materials online, going to support group meetings, etc. I am still learning and trying to experiment with new ingredients all the time. I am also still learning how to cope with social situations (we get lots of party invites), holidays, and trying to figure out the whole thing with school looming some time in the future. I am glad your site is available. It will be a big help to other families.

    • Multiplefoodallergyhelp~Jenny April 15, 2011 at 9:47 pm #

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us! ~ It really is a trial by fire when you have to deal with allergies! ~That was my inspiration for this site, to try to offer some helpful suggestions and advice on how to proceed- with more successes than failures! 🙂 Caleb’s first Easter with allergies was similar to what you described, I bought him dinosaur eggs then reloaded them with safe treats, [money, toy dinosaurs, and Peeps I think!] With all the parties, have you tried making safe cupcakes ahead of time and freezing them so you can pull out what you need per occasion- then just frost, and go? Caleb starts school this fall, and I too worry about keeping him safe! I actually worry more about my younger son, only because he has so many more allergies, and I have seen him have an anaphylactic reaction already, and that was scary! I do have on my “to-do list ” adding information on holidays, and back to school. Be sure to check us out on Facebook as well! Best of luck to you, and a very Hoppy Easter! 🙂 ~Jenny

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