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John Patriquin/Portland Press Herald Maine parents, doctors digest news that exposure to peanuts may reduce risk of allergies

There’s hope, concern – and guilt that prevention might have been possible. by Meredith Goad of the Portland Press Herald

Photo by John Patriquin/Portland Press Herald

The week Jacob had his surgery was the tail end of the recent 2015 AAAAI meeting, an annual international conference for allergists, immunologists, dietitians, doctors and nurses. Presented this year was the LEAP  (Learning Early About Peanut) Study; published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It indicates that introducing peanut (products) to children 4-11 month on reduces later development of peanut allergies in many at risk participants- who showed egg allergies or eczema. Of course the results sparked a lot of debate among the public! ~ How many of you had someone email you the news story?

Our local newspaper posted a request to interview someone from Maine for the story on my Multiple Food Allergy Help Facebook page – which as it so happens- qualified me! I called and spoke for a spell with the article writer- Meredith Goad.  She contacted me later after asking if they could get a picture of me, or my children and I. She said someone at our hospital had told her about Multiple Food Allergy Help (so apparently my persistent advocacy and speaking to everyone we deal with is paying off!). I laughed and said that’s funny because we are there now, as my son had just had surgery! We made arrangements for them to come take our picture. Jacob walked to the atrium post-surgery which is why he looks so miserable in the picture!

I was pleased to be a part of the article. I was proud that people consider my blog, FB group, words and advocacy of value. Do you find yourself speaking and educating about food allergies to people you interact with?

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