GI Scope Results

Both my boys went in last Tuesday for GI scopes. We wanted to test and make sure Caleb did not have Eosinophilic Esophagitis [EoE]; and to gauge where Jacob’s EoE was in terms of flaring up. The boys did great on scope day,  both getting  anesthesia.


Biopsy samples were taken as well and the results came in today. Caleb is fine!~ No sign of disease, which is a relief. Granted, I feel a little bad for putting him through the whole procedure, but we needed to make sure we weren’t missing something with him, since he does have the multiple food allergies.

Jacob’s results were not good however.  The initial images taken at the scan seemed to look better than the previous scope he had last October prior to chemotherapy starting.  His biopsy results tell another story. With his first scope his eosinophils count was >20; a diagnosis of EoE is made when the eosinophils count is >15.  The newest results showed the biopsy from the esophagus was >100! His lower esophagus was >42 !

The next step will be getting Jacob’s next allergy appointment test results.  There was some question about environmental allergies, but neither boy has been tested for any yet.  I don’t know what the allergist will want to do with Jacob’s testing, whether to test his current allergens, anything he showed previous reactions to on scratch & RAST tests? The questionable things that he has shown reactions at home to? or to test his current diet?  Jacob will also be starting a swallowed steroid slurry that will hopefully help alleviate the throat inflammation.  He will have a follow-up GI appointment 6 weeks after he starts the meds; and will probably be getting another GI scope done in the next three months as well.


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  1. Multiplefoodallergyhelp~Jenny April 17, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

    PS~ I spoke again to our GI Doctor, and Jacob will be starting a 1x day on Pulmicort mixed with splenda slurry. Then he will be getting his re-scope done in 8 weeks. If his EE count has not gone to 20 or lower; then we will have to discuss switching to an elemental diet, such as Ele-care. I pray it doesn’t come to that!

  2. suzie April 27, 2012 at 12:43 am #

    Hi Jenny, My name is Suzie and I live in australia. We recently had our two scoped on the same day as well eoe. Grace 6 nearly 7 and joe 5. Joe was clear and Grace’s had improved thank God! I just wanted to send some love and support your way and wish you well. I homeschool as the school environments just make her very sick! You are dealing with soooo much. Just know that we are thinking of you! Keep on keeping on!

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