Health Update for Jacob

First off,  I want to thank all of you for your prayers, support, and understanding about my lack of posts over the past 6+ months.  As many of you know, Jacob was diagnosed last summer with bilateral Wilms tumors~ cancer.  He underwent 6 months of chemotherapy and surgery. He had his last chemotherapy treatment in March. His follow-up MRI looked good; so the plan for now is to repeat scans- MRI or ultrasounds every 3 months to look and make sure there are no new tumors.  If he remains free of disease for 2 years, then his scans will be less often -( every 6 months).  We went to 3 different doctor appointments last week, Urology, Nephrology [Kidney]; and Jacob’s Pediatric Orthopedist. All are pleased with how he is doing, and want 6 month follow-up appointments.

Now that his body’s immune system is returning to its form of ‘normal’ I am dealing with new mystery rashes,  new food allergy reactions, eczema, and EoE concerns.  Jacob was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis  last October, after a positive GI scope; but because he was undergoing chemotherapy, we really have not really begun addressing it until now.  Tomorrow morning both my boys are going into the hospital to have GI scopes done to check my older son for EoE; and to gauge what is going on with Jacob’s.  I also have new allergist appointments set up in early May for both boys to get new testing done.  I have no idea how our allergist will want to test: re-test confirmed allergens, new suspect foods,  or doing a broader food/environmental panel.  I have seen food reactions-rashes on Jacob from the following suspect foods: watermelon, avocado, corn, and safflower oil.  I question if Caleb is having a potato allergy, for even though he will eat chips, he is reluctant to eat any baked or mashed potatoes, or french fries. This is what he did with beef, pork, and eggs, which when tested, we found out he was allergic to.  So stay tuned folks! More updates to come in the very near future!

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3 Responses to Health Update for Jacob

  1. Lindsey April 9, 2012 at 8:06 pm #

    Hoping for the best Jenny! What an amazing mom you are 🙂 Glad Jacob is doing well considering. I’ll be praying for all three of you!

  2. Colette April 10, 2012 at 8:58 am #

    I am so happy to hear about the results of Jacob’s test. Sounds like very good news. EE is hard to diagnose in terms of which foods cause the problem. (And you don’t want to have to scope after every food trial.) In my son’s case, the blood tests were the most helpful. The only one of his five allergies that showed up via a skin test was milk. He did get rashes, but we were never able to connect them directly to a specific food (except peanuts, when he had a rash all over his hands and was eating peanuts by the handful.)

  3. Cindy Coureas April 12, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    You are an amazing person! Helping others when you need help too! I have had a husband with cancer and three girls with multiple food allergies. Your article was right to the point and people just don’t understand how difficult it truly is with labels and keeping anxiety and fear in check. Sending you a big huge hug and hoping your son pull through with more comfort and peace. Keep reaching out and find support in others. It makes the world of difference. Healing prayers for you and your son!
    Cindy Coureas
    Virginia Beach, VA

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