Jerome Bettis Interview

I recently had an amazing opportunity to participate in a web-interview with “The Bus”  Jerome Bettis; NFL Running Back, Super Bowl Winner, Future Hall-of-Famer, and Severe Allergy Advocate. Sanofi invited a few food allergy bloggers to participate- and I am proud and pleased that I was one of those included. Jerome Bettis has just put out a “Playbook” for managing serious allergies- with Sanofi, makers of Auvi-Q. The Auvi-Q – Jerome Bettis Severe Allergy Anaphylaxis Playbook has some useful tips for managing allergies. I like that it is clear and to the point- very useful reminders especially for teens!

As a stay at home mom and food allergy blogger; (in rural Maine)- I have to say it is pretty darn COOL to be able to casually mention your interview with a Superbowl-winning Professional Football Star in between loads of laundry, helping with homework, doing dishes and cooking dinner.

I love seeing ‘famous’ people who deal with food allergies speaking out, speaking up and advocating! If we want people to take food allergies seriously, we need people to understand that this can effect anyone; and that with knowledge, understanding and empathy, they can all take a roll in keeping those with food allergies safe!

 This is the link to my interview questions with Jerome Bettis

Here is the complete interview with the other people who participated: Caroline of Grateful Foodie,  Susan Weissman author of Feeding Eden, Henry Ehrlich of, and Janeen of The Good, The Bad, & The Food Allergies, Keely McGuire of Keely McGuire Blog.

When I started my blog over 2 years ago, I NEVER thought I would be able partake in anything like these interviews, and getting to interact with so many amazing food allergy advocates! I feel very lucky and proud to be included!

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