Less Common Allergens

If you have the misfortune of suffer from an allergen to something other than the top 8 list, you will have realized the added frustration related to product labeling.  Many of these ingredients will be hidden in labels, and you will need to be vigilant in checking them. If you question a product, do not hesitate to look it up online or to call the phone number usually found on product labels. An example, I wanted to get my son some oatmeal from McDonalds, but decided to double check the ingredients online and found that they add cream to it when they make it. [You CAN ask them to make it with just water]. If I hadn’t looked it up, I would have never suspected it was in there!

It is even more important to check ingredients when it isn’t a top 8 required by law to be boldly stated on the products ingredients labeling. It is even harder when you consider eating in restaurants, or any prepared or prepackaged food, as many sauces and seasonings  can hide a plethora of allergen triggers~egg, nuts, peanuts, dairy, may be labeled but corn, nutmeg, strawberries, or mushrooms, would not.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your stories, any allergens you want to see on this website,  or if found allergens in surprising  products. The more input from you, the better I can make this site for everyone! Thank you for visiting!~ and for your input! 🙂