Canola/Rapeseed Allergy

Jacob was just diagnosed as having in addition to others, an allergy to Canola and Rapeseed. Just to be clear, Canola is made from Rapeseed, you can’t tell from the labels which only list the ingredient as “Canola oil”~? OK then.  I almost think this is- as- if not more frustrating than the allergies to soy and wheat! Canola is used in just about EVERYTHING!!~ Canola is in almost all potato products, cooking sprays, margarines, baked goods, and a lot of things we have already given up due to other allergies~ It is also unfortunately used in the Ian’s Brand Fish sticks and Chicken nuggets, and Chicken Tenders that were wheat-dairy-soy- nut-egg free!!!  It is also used by McDonalds, in their fry-oil, and  one “Safe” to-go/treat food we had found to allow Jacob- was McDonalds French Fries!! …Sigh, not anymore though! [They also add beef broth and milk to their fries-sorry all you vegetarians!]

One thing I have done is to buy a pump olive oil sprayer, [MISTO brand from BJs] to use for cooking, baking etc. as all the spray oils, such as PAM, are canola~

I have found that Frito Lay- Lays Reduced Fat Ruffle Potato Chips, and Ruffles Naturals- are all made with safflower or sunflower oil, also Kettle Brand Potato chips- check labels for any of your other allergens; [the sea salt, and sea salt and pepper chips are yummy!] so these are still on the menu! 🙂 Veggie Straws are also canola-free.

Apparently this is a more rare allergy, as the only source I have found on-line is linked below

and for foods  check their link