Rice Allergy

A rice allergy is considered rare, however I have heard from a few of you who are dealing with this one. As fate would have it rice was added to Jacob’s allergen list in the fall of 2012. Rice is a grain like any other, so it is fair game to become an allergy trigger as well. As an allergy, it is commonly seen in Asian countries, and seems to be less prevalent here in the United States. Most of the reported cases and studies I have been finding are from the 1990s, so it could be that this allergy is becoming more common than previously suspected.

Here is a list of Rice by-products to watch out for ~from http://www.cookingallergyfree.com

  • “Arborio rice – kernels of the italian grown rice are shorter and fatter than other short-grain rice varieties; traditionally used for risotto
  • Basmati – variety of long grain rice, famous for fragrance and delicate flavor
  • Bette hagmans featherlight mix – Commercial brand of flour mix developed by bette hagman; made with rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch
  • Chocolate-flavoured dairy-free milk – Non-dairy milk alternatives, such as almond milk, rice milk and soy milk
  • Crispy rice cereal – breakfast cereal made of rice grain which is cooked, dried and toasted
  • Dairy-free milk – Non-dairy milk alternatives, such as almond milk, rice milk and soy milk
  • Ener-g rice bread – commercial brand of bread primarily made with rice flour, tapioca starch, and yeast; gluten-free, wheat-free, no dairy or egg
  • Instant rice – rice that has been precooked and dehydrated so that it cooks more rapidly
  • Kelloggs rice krispies cereal – brand of breakfast cereal produced by Kelloggs; made of rice grain which is cooked, dried and toasted
  • Long grain rice – variety of rice
  • Rice – a staple; the most consumed cereal grain
  • Rice cake – made from puffed brown rice and sold as a snack food
  • Rice flour – fine powder from rice
  • Rice milk – milk substitute made from fermented rice or rice flour, then sweetened
  • Rice noodle – noodles made from rice
  • Rice rainbow noodle – noodles made from rice
  • Rice syrup – sweetener derived by culturing cooked rice with enzymes
  • Rice vinegar – vinegar made from fermented rice or rice wine, is mild and slightly sweet and used widely in Japanese and Chinese cuisines
  • Rice wine – alcoholic beverage made from rice
  • Sake – alcoholic beverage brewed mainly from rice
  • Sticky rice – type of short-grained Asian rice that is especially sticky when cooked”

You may want to look at this cookbook~ the Gluten Free Without Rice Cookbook ~ http://www.food-allergy.org/GFWRbook.htm   I also strongly recommend looking at Navan Foods link~ https://www.navanfoods.com/node/1167/  because you can get a list of foods and products that will not contain your allergen, that you can buy from them, or try to find locally. This is also great if you have additional allergens to avoid as you can enter those in as well! 🙂

Cybele Pascal has made a rice free flour recipe too – “You might want to try this alternate GF flour mix that I came up with for readers who can’t eat rice. It works well in my recipes.

1 1/2 cups Garfava Flour (garbanzo fava bean flour mix)
1/2 cup Sorghum Flour
2 cups Tapioca Starch
2 cups Arrowroot Starch”