New Food Allergy Guidelines

This Interview had some interesting points to it, I copied what I found to be the most interesting below to share with you, but please feel free to check it out ~

What the New Food Allergy Guidelines Offer to Clinicians

Expert Interview at AAAAI 2011

Matthew J. Fenton, PhD; Hugh A. Sampson, MD

Dr. Sampson: “The guidelines don’t present radically new information, but they do evaluate, in a very thorough fashion, all the literature that is out there and come up with recommendations as well as point out some common mistakes that are made by physicians.

For example, one thing that was stressed in the section on therapeutics was the tendency to use antihistamines first in treatment of an anaphylactic reaction, and so the guidelines stress that epinephrine given intramuscularly is the treatment of choice for anaphylaxis.

Also, many physicians have a tendency to take the results of skin tests or serum IgE levels and then tell patients that they are allergic to that particular food. As you pointed out when we first started talking, these tests tell us that the patient is sensitized but do not necessarily tell us that the patient is going to have clinical symptoms.

The guidelines also stress the issue of mothers trying to avoid particular allergens while they’re pregnant or breast-feeding. As pointed out by the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines about a year ago, the evidence is insufficient to support that approach as a way to try to prevent their offspring from having particular food allergies.”

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