Rice Allergy

A Rice allergy is considered rare, however I have heard from a few of you who are dealing with this one. Rice is a grain like any other so it is fair game to become an allergy trigger as well. As an allergy, it is commonly seen in Asian countries, and seems to be less prevalent here […]

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Getting Allergy Tested

If you suspect a food allergy, then you are probably wondering about getting an allergy test done.  Hopefully your experience will be better than mine was!  When I suspected Caleb had food allergies, I tried to speak to my regular family physician, and got absolutely NO help from him! He actually went on a tangent about […]

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Soy Allergy

The Soy allergy is one of the three I find hardest to work around. The others being wheat and corn~These three products are in almost every sauce, and prepared food you can get-even canned tuna fish! It is hard to find food in most American homes that does not contain soy!  It also makes “eating […]

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Canola Allergy

Jacob was just diagnosed as having in addition to others, an allergy to Canola and Rapeseed.  I almost think this is as,  if not more, frustrating than the allergies to soy and wheat! Canola is used in just about EVERYTHING!!~ Canola is in almost all potato products, cooking sprays, margarines, baked goods, and a lot of things we have […]

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Strawberry Allergy

Spring is coming and with it, one of my favorite foods-Strawberries! I was rather disappointed to learn that Jacob is also allergic to these! Strawberries are used as a flavoring for many products children tend to enjoy  such as:  fruit juices, gummies, candy, gum, lollipops, fruit roll-ups,  popsicles, and in bubble baths. Some other products include: […]

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Easter Treats

Easter is coming, and if you are new to the allergic child scene you are probably figuring out that this is but one of many holidays that centers around candy and children! Halloween, Valentines day and Easter all torture the allergic child with the candy displays and commercials.  Of course there are SOME candies you […]

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Here is a neat product to share- WHO-Tats I could see using these if my child was going on a field-trip, or if we were at an amusement park, etc. These are temporary tattoos- that say things like- “Alert-Nut Allergy” “Alert-Please Do NOT feed me!” “Alert-Gluten Allergy” http://www.awaregear.com/alertallergy-designs.html

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Some Stats on Food Allergies

These are from the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network: More than 12 million Americans have food allergies. That’s one in 25, or 4 percent of the population. ƒ The incidence of food allergy is highest in young children – one in 17 among those under age 3. ƒ About 3 million children in the U.S. have food […]

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Spring Morning Muffins

Todays breakfast “Allergy-Safe Spring Morning Muffins”! ~ When you bake with Sun Butter sunflower seed spread  it turns your baked goods a slight greenish shade.   I confess these muffins look rather like my yard at the moment-(including the white left-over snow, and the brown-well, let’s just say we have dogs  and mud!)!~ thus the […]

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Mustard Allergy

A mustard allergy is less common in the United States, than in Europe, but not unheard of here. There have been cases recorded of severe anaphylactic reactions to mustard. There are many recorded cases of mustard allergies seen in France, Spain, and Sweden.   There is a strong association between a mustard allergy and a mugwort pollen sensitivity. […]

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