Foods We Love

I have found a wonderful new source for Allergen Groceries!  and the BEST PART? They have a page where you can check off the foods you need to avoid, and get a list of products!! This is worth its weight in gold!! This will help you get a great list of foods and brands to try, whether you order from here, or try to find locally-or both! 🙂

Tasterie is a new company based out of Massachusetts. Started by a pediatrician out of frustration at trying to find a variety of food to offer her allergic child.  For a monthly fee [$20], she scours the globe, thoroughly examines manufacturing procedures, then finds an assortment of Allergen-safe, delicious foods for you to try~ each month you receive a box with 2 meal type of foods, 2-3 snacks, and 2 desserts, as well as some samples too. The monthly products she sends you are not just single-sample sized, but normal standard sized goods.  The goal is to introduce new products to you, to help diversify your diet options, and help you avoid the dreaded ‘food rut’ we so often end up in with food allergies! Check her out at!!

Another place to look for your allergy free products-Walmart! I was very excited to find a small section of gluten-allergy free products at Walmart!~Check your local stores!~I found Enjoy Life cookies, Bobs Red Mills Flours, and Tinkyada Pasta as well as many other products!

I can not stress enough the need for you to be vigilant about READING LABELS!!! I will include pictures of the food packaging when possible to help you know what to look for while shopping.  Below are pictures of some the products we use regularly~