Sunshine Award & Food Allergy Awareness Week

My friend Homa, from  nominated me for the Sunshine Award! What a special honor and wonderful way to kick off Food Allergy Awareness Week!I will share my favorite blogs/sites, some are fun, others are informative!  Here are the details~

Sunshine Award Rules:

• Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.

• Answer 10 questions about yourself.

• Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.

• Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

• Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

1. Favorite color? Aquamarine
2. Favorite animal? Cat, [also love Horses].
3. Favorite number? 17
4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Coffee or Lemonade
5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Twitter, the networking is amazing!
6. My passion? Books and Learning- so-Knowledge?
7. Prefer getting or giving presents? Giving
8. Favorite pattern? I really don’t have one! All quilts?!
9. Favorite day of the week? Thursday [Greys Anatomy, my house is clean! and weekend is upon us!]
10. Favorite flower? Poppies, [California, red, pink, all!] and Iris!

Link back to the person that nominated you:

10 blogs I nominate, in no particular order:

1. OneSpot Allergy Blog   Elizabeth is a wonderful source of current information, research a nd knowledge! If you have allergies, She is someone to follow- I hear about learn so much from the stories, posts, and products she blogs about!
2. Cybele Pascal a true blessing to the Food Allergy World!~ Her cookbooks, recipes, and Allergy-Friendly Fridays are a true gift!
3. Food Allergy Fun – I ‘met’ Tiffany via Twitter~Her comics are spot on funny, and great at driving home the point when it comes to the battles we deal with in managing food allergies.
4. Momastery Glennon’s post make me laugh, believe in the good, and just brighten my days- always. This one is my most favorite though- and in tying with Mothers day~ also read Don’t Carpe Diem

5. My dear friend at Living the Allergy Life who struggles with 2 boys and a husband all with multiple food allergies and EoE. She posts about food, her kids, her life- and truthfully, I just am so proud to be her friend!

6. Corn Allergy Website Jenny has done so much research about dealing with corn allergies- which are by far the most frustrating to manage.

7. The Nut-Free Mom Blog Jenny Kales is another blessing to the Food Allergy community with her recipes, and insight. Her advice always rings with the calm, sane voice of reason!

8.  The Allergist Mom – Last, but not least, Sarah writes from the heart as well as the head – she is an allergist and a mom to allergic children.  The Science of Anaphylaxis – An Allergic Storm is a must-read.

9.  The Bloggess because she seriously makes me laugh, and remember not to take things so seriously!

10. Sleep Talking Man Yet another site, that makes me laugh- the insults are simply awesome!~ sarcastic, and witty!

 Really? There are so many other blogs and sites I love~ Advocate By Fate, Allergen-Free Baker, Kids with Food Allergies, the Allergy Moms, Go Dairy Free ; Just to name a few~

Please check these out! Many are just feel-good sites, that make me smile- Laughter is good medicine! Others are wonderful sources for information! I hope you like them too! Tuesday the 15th is a Food Allergy Awareness Twitter Party hosted by Food Allergy Buzz, hope to see you there at 5pm Pacific time, here are some tips about joining in if you are new to Twitter.

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