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The Dragon’s Jaw

When Jacob was first diagnosed with cancer we were given a video made for children and families, called “Paul and the Dragon”. There are no words in this animated film which depicts the cancer journey. A boy, who doesn’t feel well, goes to the doctors, and they do tests, then find out he has cancer. Then […]

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I had made big plans for this week. I was going to spend it thoroughly cleaning the house- top to bottom; the pre-winter/ holiday douche and organization.  Then in a ‘smack myself in the head’ way- I remembered- or recognized- what I was doing! We have all heard of people “nesting” when they expect to have a […]

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My Hard Truth

“Dealing with Jacob’s cancer was less stressful, and easier, than dealing with his food allergies.” Yup. I said that.   Yes, It is a strong statement. But this is how I honestly feel. I am NOT saying that cancer is stress free or easy, or even preferential. Trust me, it isn’t! What Cancer and Food Allergies […]

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I am NOT Strong!

My youngest son just turned 2 on September 3rd. On September 7th we got the phone call that confirmed he has cancer, a tumor on each kidney. Prior to him starting chemotherapy I wanted us to try to get a better handle on his food allergies and try to figure out what was going on. […]

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Health update RE: Jacob-

I want you all to forgive me if I am not as involved with this or the website in the next few months- my youngest son was just diagnosed on Wednesday 9/7/11 with bilateral Kidney tumors- cancer- so I am putting on my shit-kickers, rolling up my sleeves, and gearing up to go to war! […]

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