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Looking forward to 2015

At times, Life can be: Hard. Messy. Complicated. This year has brought about many changes. After almost ten years of marriage,  we pulled the plug. It had been on life-support for years. We both had had enough. Our divorce was final in August. I have spent the past few months trying to pick up the […]

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Emergency Preparedness

Everything happens for a reason. It’s cliché I know, but it rings so true. My friend Heidi Bayer lives in Brooklyn New York, and blogs at Brooklyn Allergy Mom. I first got to meet Heidi at the first Mylan Summit over a year ago. When Hurricane Sandy caused so much devastation to NYC and New […]

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Food Allergy Safe Summer Camp Adventure CONTEST!

KIDS! Express Yourself & WIN a Food-Allergy Safe Summer Camp Adventure CONTEST! by sabraway on February 27, 2014 Hey Kids!!!! Here’s your chance to win a two-week camp session on beautiful Cape Cod! It’s easy! If you have food allergies, and are currently in the second through sixth grade, just tell us why you’d like […]

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Access to Epinephrine Testimony

Maine is late to the party in adapting the Access to Epinephrine laws. I have been watching with interest as this was first introduced in Virginia, then as more states adopted it. I cheered on my dear friends in  Nevada who worked so hard rallying support and pushing a MANDATED Access to Epinephrine law within […]

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Kyle Dine

Last year I emailed our school principal and the parents group about Kyle Dine, who was booking tour dates for schools. Our parents group decided to hire him to come this fall, with the start of the school year, to teach food allergy awareness. I can not even tell you how happy I am that […]

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I am so excited to share this company with you! I recently contacted AllerMates to invite them to the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference I am organizing. I sort of knew about their products from just seeing them online, and from other bloggers. I admit I had not really looked at everything they are making and […]

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EpiCenter Medical Training

For the sake of disclosure, I did get to preview a demo of  EpiCenter Medical’s Training program at no cost. The following is solely my opinion of the course, and not a paid advertisement. I am a parent to two boys with food allergies. I consider myself lucky that we have only had to use an […]

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Crying Over Spilled Milk

The phone call from school. It is something that as a parent to a child with food allergies- you come to really dread! Actually, I had a missed call from the school today. Heart stops- full panic mode when I see it on my phone. I frantically call, and barely get out who I am, […]

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 Halloween is supposed to be a time of spooky costumes and yummy candy treats. For children with food allergies it also can be a time when they face exclusion and a real risk of having an allergic reaction. I really struggle with trying to celebrate Halloween. It’s harder than Valentine’s Day or even Easter! Admittedly, many […]

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Change is in the Air!

I know these changes will make our schools a better and safer environment for my children, as well as ALL the other current and future students who have food allergies! THAT is the real prize! That was the hope, the dream and the goal! Our work is not finished yet, but simply by speaking out- we have been able to influence others to improve the previous policies.

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