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Auvi-Qs and Firemen!

I took Jacob with me today to go vote in our local elections. The voting in our little town is done at the fire station,  so as you can imagine, Jacob was very excited to go with me!  After we voted, I went into the station to ask if Jacob could see the fire trucks. I […]

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Food Allergy Science Fair Project

Last night Caleb had the school Science Fair. He was very excited to participate in it this year- [we missed it last year]. When he said he wanted to do the science fair, he did not really have any ideas in mind. I naturally turned to Google- to try to find appropriate 1st grade level […]

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Epinephrine Savings

UPDATE 2014: Both Mylan and Sanofi are offering ZERO [$0.00] Co-Pays for Epinephrine auto injectors! Go to their websites and download the coupons. This is valid until 12/31/2014. Epinephrine is adrenaline. It is prescribed to be used in the event of serious allergic reactions or asthmatic conditions, to help prevent anaphylaxis. There are now 2 […]

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Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day, romance fills the air- but don’t let your guard down- there are dangers lurking everywhere for those who suffer from allergies! In a recent Mylan survey revealed that “as many as one in three parents report that their children with life-threatening allergies have experienced anaphylaxis on Valentine’s Day.” Naturally we may think- candy […]

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AUVI-Q Epinephrine

I had the immense pleasure of attending a seminar yesterday in Newark, New Jersey at the Sanofi headquarters, to see and learn about the Auvi-Q Epinephrine devices. Auvi-Q stands for Audio-Visual Ques. These devices have an audio clip that verbally instruct how to use them, as well as having pictured instructions; like the defibrillators that are schools and public […]

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