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Feeding Tube How-To-Guide

I have a friend who’s daughter is getting a feeding tube because her EoE is as severe as Jacob’s. I decided I would write up this post of tips and tricks we have been using to try to make the transition easier. When you get to the point of needing a feeding tube there is […]

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Always Darkest Before the Dawn

“If you’re going THROUGH Hell, Keep Going!” ~ Winston Churchhill This week has been Hell. Monday Jacob finally had the further allergy testing that I requested a month ago. He showed allergies to 16 more foods that we tested. He basically has no safe meat/nut/ protein source, no safe grains left, and most common fruits […]

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The Never-ending Allergy Testing

Jacob had another allergy test done today. This was the one I hoped to do after his August allergy test removed Broccoli, Coconut, Apple, Lemon, Potato, and Turkey from the rotation. After getting these results, I went home and made a list of everything left in his diet that had not been tested yet. I┬áneeded […]

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