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Jacob had his surgery done Monday the 23rd. He had licked the fever that postponed the surgery the previous week. But we were unclear if they would proceed even Monday- due to a wheeze in his lung. I explained that he does have asthma, so they gave him a nebulizer treatment, and voila~ wheeze was […]

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Kidney update #3

Please see Kidney Issues  & Kidney Issues part 2 update  for previous explanations. I have spent the past month in limbo, awaiting the call from the surgeon about what the plan will be to address and fix Jacob’s kidney issues. I finally got the call from the surgeon yesterday afternoon. After reviewing the recent MRI of Jacob’s […]

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Kidney Issues -Part 2/Update

For part one- please read Kidney Issues.   My son was scheduled for his procedure today which the surgeon hoped to get a better view of what was going on with the ureters and drainage problems. We arrived first thing and went through the pre-op steps. I went with my son into the OR room […]

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Kidney Issues

Some of you may know about the kidney issues my son has, and what we have previously dealt with. We are unfortunately facing some new challenges yet again. Not cancer thankfully- but with his Hydronephrosis. I wanted to write this just a to put my many thoughts on paper, and secondly to try to have […]

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