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I took Caleb to school for Kindergarten screening today. I confess that I left the meeting not feeling very confident or assured about the ‘allergy-plan’ that is in place there. One of my issues is that the school is peanut free, but not tree nut free; and since Caleb is allergic to tree nuts, dairy […]

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NEJM Article-Anaphylaxis from Passive Transfer of Peanut Allergen in a Blood Product

The New England Journal of Medicine has published a report of a 6 year old boy who ended up with a full blown anaphylactic reaction to peanuts after receiving blood from a transfusion, from donors who had consumed peanuts the night before donating blood.  Please click on link to read full New England Journal of […]

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Open letter about our school going peanut free

I am posting this letter written, by a friend- and I think it deserves to be shared!~ open letter about our school going peanut free by Food Allergies – Skinny Lou Allergy Cookies on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 I know what you’re thinking:  I’m a hypochondriac mom. Or I’m a helicopter mom. Or I’m a stay at home mom […]

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Letter to School and Classmates:

This is the letter I typed up for my son’s preschool and classmates that was handed out with the other school paperwork at orientation. I thought it may be helpful to others~Please feel free to copy, change or use as you see fit. I believe that most all the allergy information I provided came from […]

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Easter Treats

Easter is coming, and if you are new to the allergic child scene you are probably figuring out that this is but one of many holidays that centers around candy and children! Halloween, Valentines day and Easter all torture the allergic child with the candy displays and commercials.  Of course there are SOME candies you […]

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Here is a neat product to share- WHO-Tats I could see using these if my child was going on a field-trip, or if we were at an amusement park, etc. These are temporary tattoos- that say things like- “Alert-Nut Allergy” “Alert-Please Do NOT feed me!” “Alert-Gluten Allergy” http://www.awaregear.com/alertallergy-designs.html

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Nutmeg Allergy

Caleb was diagnosed in the spring with his peanut, tree-nut and dairy allergies when he was one.  Then by December I was in full Christmas cookie baking mode, I had the ‘Caleb-safe’ butters, and soy milk, and was baking up a storm.  Then I noticed that after giving him some gingerbread cookies, he had a […]

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Grocery Source

I have found a wonderful new source for Allergen Groceries!  and the BEST PART? They have a page where you can check off the foods you need to avoid, and get a list of products!! 🙂 This is worth its weight in gold!! https://www.navanfoods.com/node/1167/ This will help you get a great list of foods and brands […]

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Peanut Allergies in the news 4/3/2011

Posted: April 3 Updated: Today at 12:03 AM Families Today: Rise in peanut allergies tough nut for scientists By DR. T. BERRY BRAZELTON and DR. JOSHUA SPARROW   Q: Why are peanut allergies so much more prevalent than they used to be? — Via email     A: It is estimated that 1 percent of children […]

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Tree-nut Allergy

Whether your child [or you] have an allergy to one of the list of tree nuts, or to ALL of them, chances are you have been told to avoid them all.  A reason behind this is that so many are processed in the same facilities, making  cross contamination a real possibility. Tree nut allergies also […]

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