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Jerome Bettis Interview

I recently had an amazing opportunity to participate in a web-interview with “The Bus”  Jerome Bettis; NFL Running Back, Super Bowl Winner, Future Hall-of-Famer, and Severe Allergy Advocate. Sanofi invited a few food allergy bloggers to participate- and I am proud and pleased that I was one of those included. Jerome Bettis has just put […]

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Epinephrine Savings

UPDATE 2014: Both Mylan and Sanofi are offering ZERO [$0.00] Co-Pays for Epinephrine auto injectors! Go to their websites and download the coupons. This is valid until 12/31/2014. Epinephrine is adrenaline. It is prescribed to be used in the event of serious allergic reactions or asthmatic conditions, to help prevent anaphylaxis. There are now 2 […]

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AUVI-Q Epinephrine

I had the immense pleasure of attending a seminar yesterday in Newark, New Jersey at the Sanofi headquarters, to see and learn about the Auvi-Q Epinephrine devices. Auvi-Q stands for Audio-Visual Ques. These devices have an audio clip that verbally instruct how to use them, as well as having pictured instructions; like the defibrillators that are schools and public […]

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