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I have had the pleasure of chatting with Lama Rimawi, a Pediatrician, and founder of Tasterie.  She has come up with a safe, fun and fantastic way to help us find and try new foods, and avoid the dreaded food rut so many of us end up in!~ Dealing with food allergies, we often finally find a few ‘safe’ products, and we stop looking for new options, assuming there aren’t any!~ Tasterie hopes to change that, by sending you a box of new products to try each month tailored to your dietary restrictions.  We just got ours and I have to tell you- both boys were so excited to have some new things to try!~  Exclaiming-“This is for ME?!” as I unpacked the items! I am pretty happy to have 3-4 new great safe food items I can plan to use for lunch boxes next school year!~ Really~ Is there anyone out there who DOESN’T like getting presents in the mail?!

Here’s how it works: Lama has an extensive review and manufacturing process questioniere she has companies answer. If their products pass her very high standard~ They can be included in the appropriate dietary Tasterie Box you select; [and if they do not, then she won’t use them]!  From her website: “Each month, you can expect to receive 6-8  high quality hand-picked foods. Our products are not sample sized and you’ll likely receive many servings out of each snack that your whole family can enjoy. ”  The signature monthly box will include “6-8 delicious, carefully sourced allergen free food and snack items”,   [20-30 servings per Tasterie box],  as well as recipes to use with the included items,  some free samples, and nutritional information.   She searches the globe, and uses many small companies, helping local economies, and bringing new products to you! This service is being offered at an adjusted new price- for a monthly fee of only $20.00!!  You will receive a gift box each month of wonderful new foods to try- These are not ‘free sample’ sizes but real proportions.   At this time the dietary  boxes available are for one of the following restrictions :

  • Vegan,
  • Healthy and Nutritious,
  • Egg-Free,
  • Soy-Free,
  • Dairy-Free,
  • Dairy & Egg-Free,
  • Dairy & Soy-Free,
  • Wheat & Gluten-Free,
  • Peanut & Tree nut-Free,
  • Gluten/Wheat & Dairy-Free,
  • Vegan/Gluten/Wheat-Free

They hope to be adding more categories for the dietary restrictions currently offered.  You are encouraged to contact them if there is an allergen-free box you want to see in the future~ [Like Peanut/Tree Nut & Dairy-free] etc; so they may work on adding these type of choices in the future.   I spoke to Dr. Rimawi  and she informed me that they have also added a snack box for $15/month.   This is a great option for traveling- to take on vacation,  camping or for picnics.   They are planning to include coupons in the next boxes as well!  I am also excited about the plans to set up an e-commerce site to sell the most popular products so that it is easy for people to reorder.

I am pleased and proud to be a member of the Tasterie  Customer Advisory Council, to offer suggestions, insight, and share product finds.  Please check out their website and try them out!~ I hope you can benefit from her service! 

As special bonus~ Tasterie would like to you to use code EATWELL when ordering to get an additional 10% savings. And they would love your feedback!

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