Veta Smart Case

When my friend Missy, aka Marketing Mama emailed recently asking if I wanted to preview her post about a new product for the food allergy community- “a GAME CHANGER” -well, as Yoda would say, -Intrigued I was!



The Veta Smart Case would encase your Mylan Epi-pen, with bluetooth technology imbedded. It can monitor temperature- which is vital in maintaining the stability of the medication, as well as having a proximity monitor to remind you to carry it. It has a ‘Find me” feature and it will be able to notify 911, you (or others) should the pen ever be used in an emergency! I see this being incredibly useful for those who can be forgetful – Moms or Teens!

This product won’t be available until Fall of 2015. To read more about these and other features please visit Marketing Mama’s full post HERE. (

Learn more about the Veta Smart Case on theĀ Aterica web site.

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